Wills and Estates

Do you want to have a say in how your estate is distributed, and to whom? Without a valid Will, a government mandated formula (rules of intestacy) will apply, possibly leading to undesired results for you, and your loved ones.

The benefits of having a valid Will can include:

  • Nominating you chosen Executor/s;
  • Dealing with your estate in the most tax effective way;
  • Being able to provide for your family and friends in the manner you desire;
  • Creating testamentary trusts; and
  • Minimising the risk of your Will being challenged or contested after you have passed away.

We are able to assist you in ensuring that your Will accords with your testamentary intentions and offer legal advice that reflects your unique circumstances.

We offer fixed fees for ‘standard’ Wills and discounts for couples and those wishing to also grant a Power of Attorney, make an advanced care directive, or appoint a medical treatment decision maker or support person.

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