Appointing a Medical Treatment Decision Maker

Appropriately planning for your future medical care can assist in ensuring that the medical treatment you would like (or not like) to receive in various circumstances is provided to you when you are incapable of making these important decisions for yourself.

It is no longer possible to grant an enduring power of attorney (medical treatment) to authorise a person to make medical decisions on your behalf. Instead, there are various avenues available to plan for your future care including:

  • making an advanced care directive;
  • appointing a medical treatment decision maker or support person;
  • making an instructional or values directive.

The Office of the Public Advocate provides useful links and information for those considering appointing a medical treatment decision maker, including how you might want to choose the person to appoint as your medical treatment decision maker and what limitations or conditions you might wish to impose on them.

The Office of the Public Advocate also regularly provides information sessions that might assist you in your future planning.

We generally charge a fixed fee for the preparation of an appointment of medical treatment decision maker, and can provide discounts where this work forms is combined with other Estate Planning, such as making a Power of Attorney or Will.

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