Appointing a Medical Treatment Decision Maker

Are you looking for a solicitor in Murrumbeena to appoint a Medical Treatment Decision Maker? Look no further! We can provide comprehensive legal advice for those seeking to nominate someone to make important medical decisions on their behalf including:

  • making an advanced care directive;
  • appointing a medical treatment decision maker or support person; or
  • making an instructional or values directive.

The process of appointing a decision maker is an important one, as it ensures that your wishes are respected if you become incapacitated and cannot communicate with medical professionals. We will work closely with you so that all legal requirements are met, and we can provide advice tailored to your individual circumstances.

We generally charge a fixed fee for the preparation of an appointment of medical treatment decision maker, and can provide discounts where this work is combined with other Estate Planning, such as making a Power of Attorney or Will.

If you would like more information about our services or would like to book an appointment today, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would be happy answer any questions or queries you may have about appointing a Medical Treatment Decision Maker.