Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a legal instrument that authorises another person to act on your behalf in certain circumstances.

The powers delegated to your attorney can be broad or limited, both in scope and duration, depending on your needs and desires.

You might use a powers of attorney to act on your behalf:

  • whilst you are indisposed (e.g. on holiday) but otherwise still capable of making your own decisions (a general power of attorney); or
  • when you are incapable of making your own decisions (e.g. in a coma) (an enduring power of attorney).

The Office of the Public Advocate provides a great deal of useful information for those interested in making an enduring power of attorney. This helpfully includes a fact sheet containing list of questions you might have for your lawyer when preparing to discuss your future planning for financial, lifestyle and medical decisions.

The Office of the Public Advocate also regularly provides information sessions that might assist you in your future planning.

We offer fixed fees for preparation of powers of attorney as well as discounts for those also engaging us to attend to other Estate Planning matters, such as making a Will or an appointing a medical treatment decision maker.

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