Power of Attorney

Did you know it is possible to appoint another person (‘your attorney’) to do (almost) anything on your behalf that you yourself can do?

The powers delegated to your attorney can be broad or limited in scope and duration, depending on your need and desire.

The uses of powers of attorney include authorising your attorney to act on your behalf:

  • whilst you are indisposed (e.g. on holiday) but otherwise still capable of making decisions (a general power of attorney); and
  • when you are incapable (e.g. in a coma) of making decisions (an enduring power of attorney).

Please note, it is no longer possible to grant an enduring power of attorney (medical treatment). If you wish to plan for your future medical care, please refer to our Medical Treatment Decision Making legal service.

We offer fixed fees for preparation of grants of Power of Attorney and discounts for those also seeking to make a new Will, make an advanced care directive, or appoint a medical treatment decision maker or support person.

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