If you are planning on buying or selling real estate, consider entrusting what is potentially your most important financial decision to a legal professional. We have over 12 years experience in assisting customers in property related matters, including buying and selling (conveyancing) and land subdivision and development.

There are many things to consider when transferring ownership of property, and we can provide you with tailored legal advice through every stage of the process from contract and vendor’s statement (section 32) preparation and review all the way to settlement.

Our service includes:

  • fixed fees for all the usual conveyancing work (no nasty surprises!) including preparation of all documents required to facilitate the conveyance and liaising with (as appropriate) your estate agent, lender, and broker, throughout the process;
  • full transparency in pricing and disbursements (costs incurred from third parties on your behalf) including in relation to the limited, and generally uncommon, work that might fall outside our fixed fee structure;
  • all work is completed by a solicitor, there is no delegation to junior or unqualified staff!; and
  • access to our network of other professionals who might be able to assist you.

In particular, for those looking to buy a property, we generally will not charge any professional fee for the review of more than one contract of sale and vendor’s statement (for example, where you are unsuccessful in securing the first property that you asked us to review a contract and vendor’s statement). There might be reasonable limits to how many contracts and vendor’s statements we are prepared to review at no additional cost!…but we will advise you if we intend to charge you for this work prior to you incurring any obligation to pay us an additional amount. We consider this to be a small statement of our desire to develop with you an ongoing relationship of trust that is not limited to the one transaction; conveyancing is simply a part of our legal practice and the services we can offer you.

Similarly, for those selling a property, we generally will not charge any professional fee for the preparation of a contract of sale and vendor’s statement where you are unable to enter into a contract with a purchaser. We will ask for our disbursements to be paid, but we think this is only fair.

When buying or selling, there are certain disbursements that are generally incurred and charged by your solicitor or conveyancer, these can include:

  • the cost of obtaining the required searches relating to the Property from the relevant authorities (e.g. Council, Water, State Revenue Office and Owners Corporation). These costs vary depending on the type of property being bought or sold and what information you are able to provide us. Generally, for existing residential properties not subject to an owners corporation these costs are around $150. For those with an owners corporation, around $350; and
  • (almost) all settlements in Victoria are conducted electronically and via the PEXA electronic settlement system. There is a fee for the use of this system, which for a single title property is currently $123.97.

Other costs, such as stamp duty and lodgement fees are not charged directly by your solicitor or conveyancer, but are payable by a purchaser at settlement (subject to various exemptions).

  • The State Revenue Office of Victoria provides useful information regarding stamp duty on their website, as well as various calculators to estimate how much (if any) stamp duty might be payable.
  • Land Use Victoria also provides helpful calculators for lodgement fees payable on the transfer of land.

Please be aware these calculators may not accurately calculate the stamp duty or land transfer fee payable by you in relation to the transaction and you should discuss your potential stamp duty liability with your solicitor or conveyancer.

If you would like to discuss any conveyancing related questions with us further, contact us for a no obligation quote.