Sale/Purchase of Business

Thinking of buying or selling a business?

What might sound like a ‘simple’ transaction is probably far more complex than you think.

Have you considered:

  • The appropriate acquisition structure?
  • Conditions precedent to the transaction?
  • The formula to calculate the Sale/Purchase Price?
  • Security for payment of the price?
  • Employment contracts and staff entitlements?
  • The allocation of risk in the agreement?
  • The obligations (if any) of the parties post completion?
  • What warranties, representations and indemnities are/have/should/need to be made?
  • Restraints of trade?
  • Tax consequences of the transaction and tax liabilities of the business?
  • Dispute resolution procedures?
  • Confidentiality requirements?
  • The need for a guarantee of a party’s obligations?
  • The material contracts of the business
  • Intellectual Property issues?
  • Security interests?
  • Consent requirements?

Let us help you through this complicated and time consuming process.

Our experience ranges from advising clients in the sale of business to an ASX listed company, negotiated the terms of the acquisition of an Australian icon with a global presence, to the purchase of your local high street business.

Contact us today for a no obligation quote and confidential discussion about how we can utilise our expertise to assist you and your business.